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There are over 4.5 billion using emails, so of course, email marketing is one of the most important parts of your business. Unlike those social media platforms with confusing features and changing algorithms, email marketing is relatively straightforward. You can not just send emails to anyone to promote your business, you have to maintain a list that is relevant so people can actually read your email. The more you send emails that never get opened, the more likely the email services will eventually categorize your emails as spam it is called the engagement ratio.
Increased usage of segmentation in email marketing is actually beneficial for your business. Segmentation means dividing your list into small groups so you can send each segment content specific to customers’ interests. You can segment your list by demographic data like location, company size, anything else that is important for your business
However, the real deal is behavioral segmentation, which is grouping based on how they previously interacted with your brand, things like previous purchases, lifecycle stages, and customer loyalty. It actually helps you to be responsive to your users’ needs.
Email marketing is the best way to give your customers valuable information about the products or services they need. The only way to stand out is not using super clickbait titles for your email but actually using important information that your clients want to click on to improve their lives. Whenever you recommend something to your subscribers, be sure to remind them of the activity that triggered the recommendation, that way they associate the good feeling of the previous experience with the new one you are offering. The valuable email starts with the subject line, it literally means what clients will get from opening the email, and try to get their interest in the service or product you are trying to sell, don’t give it all away. Just be sure that whatever you tease on the subject line is actually delivered in the body of the email, no one likes confusing, clickbait subject lines. Most of the spam reports actually come from the subject line alone.

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