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SEO trend is an effective way to attract consumers to your business. Google has over 3000 algorithms every single year that they release each and every single year. Google algorithm updates also impact SEO.

So how do you prepare for it in 2022?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence  is being used in organizations by each area, from medical care to banking. One of the reasons is that Artificial intelligence can automatically monitor your website and provide you with reports. Moreover, it has an ability to analyse so it helps to develop keyword usage and create opportunities to make service better by testing your visitors’ behaviour.

Voice Search

High-tech voice assistants such as Google Assistant, and Siri greatly improved and popularized the voice search feature. Statistics show, that around 3.25 billion people currently use voice-activated search and assistants worldwide. And the rates get higher. That is why it is important to optimize your content to respond to voice searches and choose your keywords.

Google on Phone


Chatbots answer people’s questions that visit your website for any reason. These chatbots will help to provide more active customer service automatically.

In addition, these robots equipped with artificial intelligence improve the user experience while satisfying people’s wishes to get information. It will help your company to gain trust in the eyes of people.

SEO & Videos

It comes as no surprise that it is getting more & more popular in recent years. 

Research by Statista shows that 27% of people spend about 10 hours a week on videos, while 15,4% spend 7-10, and 18.3% spend 4-7 hours. In other words, more people prefer videos to text content. For this reason, it has become a necessity to do more effective SEO through video platforms.

Mobile-Friendly Content

As phones are compact and more easily transportable people now do prefer to connect to the internet with mobile devices rather than computers. The biggest part of the World Wide Web is made of mobile users. In 2019 was announced that websites that aren’t supported by mobile devices are of no value to Google.

Google EAT

Google always points out the importance of content quality. Key to the content quality including Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These 3 factors play big roles in SEO and ranking success. Through EAT, Google can recognize whether a page offers pure or wrong content from a page giving reliable and at the same time interesting content. It is important to create content following Google’s rules as only the best pages would be displayed in the first place.


Featured Snippets 

Featured snippets are special boxes that appear in Google’s search results in order to quickly answer a user’s question.

It aims to improve user experience by decreasing users’ time while browsing various pages. Although it might appear to be like something that reduces organic traffic, on the contrary, it has a positive impact on SEO, as it is a “useful to the user” option.

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